Day 7 Ponder Let Go and Give it to God

Hello Friends,

Hope you are doing well.  This is the seventh day of the retreat and the last day.  There is alway and joy and sadness in a last day of a good situation that ends.  But I will have other retreats I was thinking of doing a novena.  What type of novena I am not sure. The word Novena is latin means nine so it will be for nine day of prayer.  This is what I do in my prayer that works with my faith. It is interfaith. “1 In ths Christian catholic tradition  is an act of religious pious devotion originating in ancient Christianity, often consisting of private or public prayers repeated for nine successive days in belief of obtaining special intercessory graces. ” I believe and will make my novena prayer I share with all of you an interfaith prayer. I guess it was taken from ancient Christianity.  But we can share. Right!? As in the quote from scripture reads of my savior. I am sure this goes with out saying “that needs to be respected”. But I add and I say “but” respectively put the word God in there of whatever respected name you use for God. Are you all ok with that? Christians and non-Christians.  This is an interfaith community blog.  I am blogging my memoir I believe my faith is sustaining me and hopes you will get inspired in yours.

Getting back to our wonderful retreat. 7th day scripture is below and thank you for visiting and please do comment if you will. Blessings and have a beautiful day. I am praying for all of you and your best intentions and such.




quote R&R scripture 7 day 7 pic point of pines 2015

quote credit to Wikipedia

photo credit to Rev. Danny DeGug of the Sunshine Foundation




  1. A beautiful piece of Scripture to end with! I’ve been especially struck by that part – “You did not choose me. Rather I chose you” – because I was once an atheist and then “chose” Christ. But, Jesus was there all along, loving me, calling me.
    God doesn’t exist because we believe in Him. God IS whether we believe in Him or not.
    Peace and blessings, Donna Marie!

    • Thank you Christina, for your support and sharing it is always beautiful to hear for you. I am so glad you expressed and shared that you converted from atheism, we need to hear you share more about that when you can. I love this “God doesn’t exist because we believe in Him. God IS whether we believe in Him or not.” blessings

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