Day 5 Ponder Let Go and Give it to God

Hi friends,

Great … Thank you for visiting my blog it is greatly appreciated.  Today is day 5 of the retreat of sharing scripture.  I love pondering, meditating and praying with all of you.  Even though we are not physically together I believe we have a spiritual experience through prayer and thought in long distances. Are you interfaith seekers like me? Just curious…  If not that is ok we all believe in One God right?  Smiling and hoping all is well with you and yours. Share your experiences here if you would like. Blessings.

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copywritten  2016 donna de Guglielmo

scripture taken from New American Bible St. Joseph version

photo credits Christina Chase


        • thank you i will do I know more not this is great thanks for the info It will take some time. OH how will i know if where i stand do they notify the person? blessings have a beautiful week.

          • hi flying colors sorry for typo and yes my good ole aphasia does play a role but anyway i was saying ty for the info great now I now more info. also, how does one know if they won… u know where do i stand … no worries here just wondering 🙂 blessings see u on our blogs;)

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