UPDATE Could You help? Which web hosting would you use?

I am in a quandry of choosing a hosting plan could you help. Which one is good? And confused.

I am looking into Blue Host was not impressed. Go daddy seemed the best so far ?  Looked into SiteGround not impressed with that either.  What about HostGator they said they will not work with my wordpress.com i have to change over to wordpress.org.  Go daddy is the only one that said the would work with me the way it is and talk me thru it. Gosh! I am just trying to better my blog. Suggestions anyone please!?

thank you for reading I hope to hear from you. Blessings!

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  1. for many reasons, I regret initially connecting with GD over a decade ago, but since I own several dozen domains and changing hosts is less of a concern than rebuilding a life of meaning and purpose, I’m staying there for now. Maybe you’ve noticed I kept the blogger interface on my main blog because I like it a lot and didn’t want to lose posts dating back to July 2002 by switching to WP, that I’m not convinced is better or worse? http://www.desertspiritsfire.com At least for a while, bogger – probably WP too – have had an option to buy a domain through them and instantly connect it to your existing blog. My professional design site uses weebly’s interface— http://www.suntreeriverdesign.com. Back in the day I had to hand code the host connection in both weebly and in GD, but these things have been getting quicker and simpler literally “all the time.” What host do you currently use?

    • thank you suntreeriver Leah 🙂 for writing and all your input. i am still i a quandry great info though i guess well to answer your question i do not have a host from what i understand i slef host thru wordpress.com i have no idea the thing is i want to do a email campain and cannot not do that w/out hosting I think Godaddy was the best to talk with and follow thru I like good coustomer service and need ph call interaction. cking out your sites. do u have any move info. blessings have a great week!!!

      • You won’t lose blog posts by switching an existing WP, Blogger, or other blog to a different host. However, if I switched my existing 14 year old blog interface from blogger to wordpress or another content management system (CMS), I’d lose all posts prior to the date I went to the new interface. However, theoretically I could copy and paste the hundreds of earlier posts, but can’t imagine doing that We need to distinguish host from CMS.

        • thank you wow u have a lot of experience whoa and i think if i understand it does not matter in one way. and since GD has been pretty good
          they speak english. i’ ve called a few and could not understand and with my cognitive stuff and i would like to have a good experince doing this
          so here i go with gd unless u want to tell me something else the price seems the same also. words of wisdom here? yes and i have no idea
          about comparrison host from CMS. sorry but that would be nice though to know maybe someelse will jump in and tell us.
          blessings 🙂

      • As you’ve already mentioned, wordpress is your host, yet “beyond the cranium” and “rosaries and red sox” both have those URLs without wordpress trailing at the end, so you or someone must have clicked a link or done some coding to connect blogsite and domain host. You purchased both domains somewhere; was that through WP or blue host or GD or what?

        May I make an observation? You’re on my blog roll, but it’s really disconcerting to go over to beyond the cranium, and then discover the new content actually is on rosaries and red sox, so the reader needs to go over there to read your update.

        • thank you leah is am sorry i do not understand all this but yes i bought my domain name not thru
          just myself

          i really am not understanding what a host can do i heard it would be better to use one. also i would get plugins
          i do not have them now and i do not like that and i understand about … i am trying to fix btc and just have thte r&R but it keeps on
          doing what it is doing i have no idea oh pooh thanks blessings do u happen to know by any chance 🙂

    • oh bty i do not blame i would not want to loss posts either. there is a way GD told me to call them into a host something like that oh boy tech garbo well i am getting there onward and upward
      I do think it is best to host site that is what other writers , artists bloggers say. anymore wise advice 🙂 peace donna marie

  2. somehow you bought the domain names interdependently rather than not from a host, but someone must have linked them to the blogs, or possibly WP has a very simple way to do that and it’s been so long you don’t remember? Despite my reservations about GD, as you said, they speak English, which is a huge asset!

    • yes i think WP at the time did something and just do not remembver and go daddy is i feel as good as the others with out mentioning there names
      i go a little crazy with the tech stuff wrapping my brain about it. i thank you for your patients and any other words of wisdon?
      oh i will not loose my followers right and i herd that hosting is better to have than not have
      i do not get the plugins right and would like that. i want to do some email marketing and give my chapbook away
      with other things maybe 🙂 does that sound good 🙂 blessings

    • thank you Nikki for this feedback and encouragement. I usually have spoke to very knowledgeable cooperative people at Godaddy
      thank you again and stay in touch. blessings!!!

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