Gratitude: Cheers and Prayers for Military

Warm Gratitude:

Cheering and Praying for all Military service people on this blessed Memorial Day Weekend and always.

Cheering and Praying for all Military service people.


Thank you so much for all you do. Also, in gratitude to the wonderful Police, Fire and EMTs ext… Write any prayers below in the comments so we can share and pray together. Grateful for Veterans Day’s too that we honor you.

I honor you every day.

We do not need special holidays for me to honor you all. But, to be honest I wish we had more for you all. My dad was a WWII veteran Army, front lines. So, I hold you all in a special place in my heart with my dad. May the dear man rest in peace with all of your loved ones.


God Loves You!!!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.

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