8 Organic Lifestyles Explained Briefly

8 Organic Lifestyles Things I do

Dear Friend,

This is a quest I have been on for years to live as organically as I can. Sharing my 8 organic lifestyle changes was a necessity for me to do explained briefly. After you get to know it is simple as everyday life.  This started a long time ago when I was in in my careers of architecture and interior design. Felt the environments with all its problems that we keep on taken from it and we need to give back to it.

In the beginning, this was not easy but as any lifestyle you grow into it. It may take a little work but it is worth it in the long term. You will feel and see the benefits.

Realizing after all these years the symptoms that I have is from  Lyme Disease. A few of the symptoms were sensitivities and allergies to the environment and food. I got Multi chemically sensitive (MCS) . Added to my occupation inability to do the job as I wanted and needed because of my sensitivities. It affected my thinking and such. Cognition deficits, yes. But, not as serious as the strokes I know the difference before and after the strokes. Big differences.


So, I became organically in mindset lifestyle from the architectural standpoint, and had and grew more so from my sensitivities.  A holistic mindset to heal my body and environment organically. This ranged from stop wearing fragrance chemicals on my body. Also, foods because I have an infection in my gut called (SIBO) small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. But, before the infection came around I was eating as organically as possible.


It comes down to you living in organic clothing. Which is lovely. This is just a short introduction of what is going on.


  1. Stay away from chemical laden products.  Fragrant products, sprays, creams, hair, nail stuff Great article here for 10 steps to avoid toxic chemicals.
  1. [bctt tweet=”8 THINGS I DO TO LIVE ORGANICALLY: Stay away from chemical laden products. Fragrant products, sprays, creams, hair, nail stuff Great article here for 10 steps to avoid toxic chemicals.” username=”donnamarie0503″]
  2. Car freshers have neurotoxins in them.  Nasty headaches, migraines ( which gives me stroke-like symptoms), cognitive problems among other things they cause. Article here that tells you how nasty they are.
  3. Buying foods as best I can that are from organic farmers. I have here a link to a great article a doctor wrote about 4 reasons to eat organically here.
  4. Air purifiers- clean and purify the air so I can breathe better. Feel good all around.
  5. Water purifiers – cleans purifies so the body is taken in the best nutrients it has in the water.
  6. Clothing I love the feel of organic cotton on my skin. Organic cotton is the best. I love some that I  have linked here.
  7. hygiene for skin, hair, teeth,
  8. Supplements. For me, I only take when prescribed by a medical advisor. You need to decide for you.

Want to at least start this list and post out there so it shines and educates.  I am surprised I have not done this before, but if you have been following the blog you know how my life is residual and pain-laden at times.  This informative news cannot wait anymore. Even my candles are organically made of beeswax.

Excited to share this and hope you to hear from you in the comments section below. This all plays into my creativity.  So, onward and upward from here. Keeping the faith to staying focused on what is right for living with purpose and giving.

Blessings you all. You are all in my prayers.

God loves you!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.
God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


  1. Lymes is a nasty thing to get. I went undiagnosed with Lymes nearly 30 years. Was treated for 4 and my doctors gave up on me. I am now involved in Qigong and I’m slowly return to health. For me Chinese Traditional Medicine saved me my. And yes, I live much like you do. About the only thing I don’t do is purify the air anymore.

    • thank you for stopping by and comment encouragement. Yes, lyme nasty… I too went undiagnosed for 30 years or so …glad u found helpful things. I use to do qi gong thank you for the reminder. It is onward and up ward fellow lymee right?! Hope u visit again and see you on your blog. 🙂 blessings

    • yeap I do that is why I am blogging my memoir. well, the theme is faith. I am sure you do too. Yes, Lyme affects people in all ways it can. Thank you for the well wishes and you too… let us definitely stay in touch.

  2. Lovely post and it sounds like you’ve had quite a struggle in terms of getting to where you are right now. That said, you have very positive things to say on organic products. Manufacturers these days have slipped into avarice instead of health. Buy this buy that, say it’s good for you and in the tiny print at the bottom slap in the disclaimer.

    Thanks for sharing and connecting via Janice 😊

    • thank you I love the support and hear what you are saying about this and that. Janice is great place to meet yes! blessings to you and yours Come back to visit. hope to see you in the blogosphere.

    • Thank you for your support. Sorry about your dad. Yes, Lyme can do that with a host of other things, unfortunately, Yes made lots of changes and will share more. blessings hope to see you again.

  3. Oh, I thought I was an odd case to get headaches from chemical scents such as car fresheners, perfume and incense; a lot of things cause me headaches, including too much sugar or chocolate. ^^;

    I love that the increase in people living organically makes it progressively easier to do so. I don’t know about were you live, but here in Québec organic products (especially food, but not only) are all the hype. However, for clothing and beauty products, we’re not quite there yet. Also, companies advertise their environment-friendly practices. It’s still not enough, but it’s promising!

    • Hi Ida, thank you for your support and feedback. Sorry for your health issues. Slowly but surely the better life stuff is coming around. The awarensess is getting to be truely fabulous for us. I wish more but thankful like you said it is happening. Well, I live in the NorthEast USA. Near you 🙂 kind of. well,… anyway. we do have a or getting to be better at living with environmental friendlier products… for building, clothes, foods, hygiene, makeup. But as u say it is promising. I to need to advocate more about this, since this is part of my niche if you know what I mean? blessings hope to see you again. 🙂

  4. Thanks for linking to the hemiplegic migraines…I thought I just had regular migraines but some of the symptoms I have been experiencing line up with the hemiplegic migraines. There are some fragrances and the car air fresheners that bother me. I try to live a chemical-free and organic life, but a lot of times the products are too expensive to buy so I get what I can and work with those. I would love to hear more about how you incorporate them into your life and what products you use.
    I am signing up for your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and i am glad that you commented on my post. I have another one publishing tomorrow AM if you’re interested.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hello Heather sorry for this wait and thank you for the follow. yes we bloggers need one another supporting our efforts. Migraines are no fun and trying to be as chemically free as possible will help you , others and the environment. See you soon. blessings

  5. Very concise and very helpful, we all need more awareness about our lifestyle and all the products we use on a daily basis, be it food/drink or other chemicals we stuff our routine with. I am trying to be as organic as I possibly can, my hair/skin care products are herbal and also food. In Albania, fortunately this is still possible 🙂 the choice is plenty and widely spread in the country. I have come across a lot of foreigners and tourists who have been amazed by the fresh, delicious products with the genuine smell 🙂

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