16. To feel accomplished of my expression of self.

15.Understand more intricate ways of creation of story

14. Communication is freeing.

13.It is mine all mine no one else’s.healing

12. It is an ability I can nurture.

11.To look into the different colors of my relationships.

10. To push the button to rise above all skepticism.

9. Adventure to look within myself.

8. Adventure to looking outside myself.

7. Seeing my potential… Poet/prose spirit within and without.

6. Understanding others.

5. Inspiration to share with all.

4. My creativity sings.

3.I feel my spirit awakened in me.

2.It is a gift from God I cannot ignore.

1. Because my faith moves me to.


Sharing with you all this is not any particular order. I think no 1 needs to be 2. 3 is good where it is.  1-5 I feel at this point are the top of the list for me. I feel the gift from God #2 is wonderful to talk about here.  I have ignore my spirit on many things and God has given me this gift before and I ignored it.

I feel now God has put this wonderful blogging adventure in front of me.  Makes it I feel easier in ways. So I am trying it out.  Plan to do other things. Have you ever had a call and thought oh not now? Or maybe just dropped it.  That is ok. He is okay with all that.  But we do get second chances.  Go for it if you can.  My thing as you know is I bring it to prayer and offer it up to God for special reasons which is between Him and I.  And It will be between you and Him if you choose that.

Please share with me what you feel and how this list affects you or maybe you can take some from this list that will inspire you. You can make up your own list I encourage you to do that. Thank you for visiting my site you’re always welcome I love to hear from you whenever you can if you cannot that’s fine too. Is great to have you here. Blessings to you and yours.


God loves you!


God is paradise. We are His to sore in His grace and mercy.


  1. “It is a gift from God I cannot ignore”
    A profoundly beautiful reason and I feel it, too. So glad that you are accepting your gift and sharing it, Donna! This is good inspiration for everyone who loves to write – like me!

    • Christina so glad u visit. and encouragement. also glad u like my reason and yes I cannot ignore God’s gift and you can not and I am hoping to inspire others. He is so good.
      Keep writing blessings.

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